About Us

Our Story

Nexo Events emerges as renewed and reinforced MICE agency, after the merger of Intelligent Design S.L. with more and better services and experience within the events and incentives sector, becuase our clients have asked for it.

You have to know that Nexo Events goes back to 1998 with the name of A-Morfo Diseño and its beginnings were into television sets and stands for fairs and someyears later we becomes Arquitectura Efímera, dedicated only to design and assembly stands in Barcelona, always with the aim to grow up and around 2005 emerges Diseño Inteligente S.L. (Intelligent DesignS.L.) whose name was kept until 2011. During this period we started to build stands in our own charpentry workshop and took projects from Spain to the rest of Europe. We made some contacs and strengthened bonds to create synergies that would allow us to work together in order to get lower costs and cover clients needs, wich had been increasing  at the same time until turn us into a MICE and we decided to change the name.

For this reasons we say that we owe our growth and development to our clients,because without their requests we would not have had the vision of what we are nowadays, whit an important portfolio of clients that has allowed us to open space within this growing and more competitive market.

However, at Nexo Events we are always looking for new ideas to improve ourselves and add more and better services by resorting to new trends and technologies and give you the best events results in order to bringthe brand to its consumers. 

The process

At Nexo Events we not only know that it is not an aesy to obtain a successful event without close cooperation with clients but also is not aesy for them to entrust us the whole project at the beginning but, we consider a strategy to involve the client directly in the creating process,asking to them constantly for feedback.

We believein and know our skills and capabilities and also work to improve our weaknesses for making an unforgettable event.


Our goals are to provide a satisfactory result based on a permanent and personalized attention, given support during the event with the human factor as key and our particular multicultural vision of work that allows us to reach to everybody and everything, beating all kind boundary.

To summ up, at Nexo Events took a step forward,gathering our own human and technical resources as well as strategic alliances in differents sectors and differents countries to cover everyting related to your event, taking care of smallest detail, because at the end our best reference is you.

Give us an idea and we will take care of the rest,givin it shape and meaning to bring you closer to your brand and customers.

Talk to us, we are all ears