Ilustracion Inteligencia artificial

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Key benefits that companies obtain by participating in trade shows The use of Artificial Intelligence in business is becoming increasingly common and is necessary for the optimization and evolution of technology. Machines are capable of making decisions independently, without the need for human interaction, with the aim of making processes more efficient and faster. The …

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Stand de HP.

Stand Design Process

Have you ever wondered about the process of designing a trade show booth?   From the initial starting point of creativity to the final construction phase, each step proves to be fundamental in crafting a unique and memorable space. Creative visualization in action   The process commences with conceptualization and sketching, where creativity flows without …

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Pasilllo del Salo de l'ensenyament.

Salò de l’ensenyament

The Saló de l’Ensenyament stands out as a prominent fair dedicated to education and training in Spain. At this event, students have the opportunity to closely explore all available educational options, ranging from vocational training programs, high school, and university degrees to higher education courses. Additionally, detailed information is provided on postgraduate and master’s studies. …

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Stand Feria Euroshop.


WHAT IS EUROSHOP? EuroShop, the world’s trendsetting retail exhibition, prepared 123,799 square meters of net space to host over 94,000 people from over 142 countries. The complex will have 17 rooms where more than 2,292 companies will present their latest innovations and solutions. The event was last held in 2020 and has since been restricted …

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Entrada de laferia ISE

ISE Barcelona

What is the ISE? Integrated Systems Europe, commonly known as ISE, is the world’s largest trade show for audiovisual systems integration. It is organized and managed by Integrated Systems Events, a joint venture of industry associations AVIXA and CEDIA, two of the world’s leading audiovisual organizations. In addition, Integrated Systems Europe is responsible for the …

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Hombre con un tatuaje

Only Tattoo Barcelona

Did you know the reasons why people get tattoos? There are many reasons why people get tattoos, as each person is different, has their own personality, and therefore, tattoos hold different meanings for each individual. Because of this, there are many diverse reasons why people choose to mark their skin permanently. Some of the most …

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Mujer en una montaña

Expo Sports

What are Outdoor sports? Outdoor sports are activities conducted in open-air environments such as mountains, water, deserts, or snow, thereby involving a close relationship with the natural surroundings. What is required to engage in these sports? Participating in these sports demands a profound understanding of perseverance and survival, as well as the continual presence of …

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Interior de la feria Conxemar

Conxemar 2023

What does Conxemar offer you? Conxemar fair, as a benchmark in Europe, serves as a meeting point for the entire processing sector: wholesalers, importers, exporters, processors, manufacturers, distributors, cold storage companies, machinery, auxiliary industry (cooling, packaging, plastics, etc.). Conferences Seminars Training sessions Various activities are organized within the fair. These activities are carried out with …

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Mujer maquillada.

Salón Look

The world of personal image and beauty in its purest form – that’s how we would define one of the world’s most significant international trade fairs, organized by IFEMA and named Salón Look. It brings together entrepreneurs and professionals from various fields of aesthetics, such as hairdressers or makeup artists. WHAT SETS SALÓN LOOK APART? …

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