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Corporate event


1. What is a Corporate Event?

A corporate event is a live gathering, serving as a means of communication to reach the largest possible target audience directly, capturing their attention and prompting a subsequent reaction. Each event organized by the company has a unique and different motivation, a routine meeting with a department head is not conceived in the same way as a General Shareholders’ Meeting or the presentation of an award to a colleague. A corporate event is not a rigid act, different events can be designed depending on the objectives sought, hence requiring various types.

2. Types of events for a corporate event

Internal Events: These events are primarily designed for employees, partners, or shareholders. They involve internal information and company news.

External Events: In this case, external corporate events are more linked to potential or existing clients, as well as suppliers, media, etc.

Which ones are most commonly used?

Meetings: These involve workgroups with two or more people and serve to transmit information or address the challenges and opportunities faced by the company. Depending on the attendees, meetings can be considered internal or external events

Conferences: These are gatherings of professionals from a specific sector or people with a common interest. A good tactic is to promote the conference and attendees through social media.

Team Building: These are activities attended by small groups of people to ensure each attendee receives personalized attention. Team building initiatives vary widely and can include sports, gastronomic, recreational activities, and generally any that encourage participation

Trade Shows and Congresses: These are exhibitions that allow companies to showcase their new products or services. Some companies travel long distances to attend international trade fairs and exhibit their products there. With a large number of stands from different companies, it’s important to stand out among the crowd.

These are the most commonly used corporate events, but others can be found such as product launches, debate forums, panels, roundtable discussions, networking events, etc.

3. Benefits of corporate events

The main benefits that corporate events can offer are as follows:

Presenting strategies and introducing products and services.

Raising  awareness of the company and its philosophy, in other words, generating


Strengthening company cohesion.

Understanding the target audience.

Improving communication among stakeholders.

Sala de un evento corporativo.
Sala para eventos corporativo.

In conclusion, within a corporate event, various actions can be developed, all linked to the type of corporate event selected