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Graphispag: The Future of the Graphic Industry

Graphispag, the International Trade Fair for the graphic industry and visual communication, stands as the benchmark event held in Barcelona. Each year, Graphispag wraps up its editions with truly astonishing figures and insights into the trends and future of the graphic industry.

Among its audience are professionals eager to discover the latest trends in graphic technology, inks, finishes, and materials for printing all kinds of graphic products committed to sustainability. These products include packaging, labels, and various graphic specialties. Graphispag is undoubtedly a must-attend fair if you are involved in the graphic sector or visual communication.

1. What does Graphispag allow you to discover?

The fair addresses the three main trends impacting the future of the graphic industry to revitalize the demand for printed products and help boost activity in this sector:



Digital transformation

1.1 Industry News in the Graphics Sector

Graphispag offers insight into the cutting-edge technology within the graphics sector, as well as emerging trends such as:

  • Digital print equipment for short print runs and personalized packaging.
  • New designs, shapes, and finishes to stand out on shelves and create products with added value.
  1. Packaging prototypes.
  2. Smart labels.
  3. Anti-counterfeiting systems.

We aim to create a commercial, relational, and educational meeting point that the printing industry currently needs to effectively boost its activity and business. The synergies with Hispack and the packaging and labeling world can greatly accelerate the recovery of graphic companies.

Xavier Armengou, President of the Organizing Committee.

1.2 Conferences to Drive the Future of the Graphics Industry

In addition to exploring the latest trends in the graphics industry, Graphispag also offers various conferences divided into three compelling themes:

  • Firstly, the fair presents conferences and roundtable discussions led by manufacturers and printers that will inspire innovation in your graphic services portfolio and business growth:


New materials.


Graphic applications for advertising and more.

Secondly, presentations by business management professionals to explore new business opportunities:

Access routes to public funding provided by Barcelona Activa.

Improving marketing and sales strategies.

Driving digital transformation.

Implementing sustainable processes in production.

Graphispag also features a workshop and networking area to learn firsthand about solutions showcased at the fair through demonstrations, commercial presentations, and business meetings.

1.3 Solutions for Better Sustainability

We are in a context marked by legislative changes promoting the circular economy, primarily affecting the packaging industry. In response, Graphispag offers technology and material solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of all types of printed products. It also focuses on digitization and process automation to improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, demonstrated by the machines and equipment exhibited at the fair.

The commitment to sustainability is a reality, and graphic services companies, along with other sectors requiring printing, increasingly seek to explore more sustainable graphic technologies, substrates, finishes, and inks.

2. Who Attends Graphispag?

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Acuden técnicos, directores de área, directores generales y gerentes.

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3. The Future of the Graphics Industry After the Pandemic

The graphics industry in Spain alone generates over €30 billion annually solely through packaging, relying on printing to differentiate, connect with, and seduce consumers, much like the advertising sector.

However, the increased digitalization of communication due to the pandemic has led to a decline in demand for printed products. Graphispag aims to combat this, as stated by the President of the Organizing Committee.

The fair will create a commercial, relational, and educational meeting point that the printing industry currently needs to effectively boost its activity, profitability, and business in a new context that seeks to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Xavier Armengou, President of the Organizing Committee.

4.Guided Tours of the Stands

Additionally, Graphispag offers guided tours of the various stands at the fair tailored to your sector or interests, whether it be the search for sustainable solutions, digitalization, or personalization.

In this tour, you can explore a dedicated showroom area where different exhibitors and printers provide educational explanations of the process, techniques, and materials used in each work.

Trabajadora feria haciendo una visita guiada.

This allows you to firsthand experience printing applications applied to finished graphic product samples exhibited at the stands in this area. Through the implementation of QR codes, you can obtain precise data about the suppliers for each job, as well as the techniques and substrates used to expand information at each stand.

5. An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

In summary, if you belong to the graphics industry, Graphispag is an event you cannot afford to overlook if you want to achieve your marketing objectives:

Acquiring and retaining clients.

Finding new suppliers.

Improving the image and positioning of your brand.

Staying updated on the latest sector trends.

If you’re considering attending and need a stand that leaves a lasting impression at the event, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a no-obligation quote. Our team will be delighted to assist you.