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What is IBTM World?

As of today, we can assert that IBTM World is one of the most highly regarded trade fairs globally within the meetings, conferences, and various events industry. This event aims, in each of its editions, to inspire the events world to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

What does this industry encompass?

BTM brings together the global meetings industry at its fair; all share the same purpose: to connect with the right people who can drive better business outcomes for their organization. Each year, we can see companies related to sectors such as Hotels, Events, Tour Operators, Services, Waste Management, Health, Tourism, etc.

IBTM serves as a bridge for the professional meetings and events industry, facilitating face-to-face connections with a wide variety of people from around the world, providing valuable insights to those dedicated to this sector.

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Puerta de la feria IBTM.
Feria IBTM exteriores

What contributions does it offer?

At this fair, a culture of inclusion is cultivated in all its events, where we celebrate the things that make each of us unique. Its exhibitors, attendees, partners, and event colleagues come from a wide variety of backgrounds, which strengthens the fair and enriches the collective experience. There will be many amazing destinations with quality providers intending to meet and establish connections with industry professionals from a wide range of countries.

One of the most significant innovations showcased at the fair is the introduction of cultural roadshows, highlighting the cultures of different destinations and the potential they offer for hosting events. Additionally, the Knowledge Programme educational program will also follow the cultural theme with presentations on connections, careers, business, brands, and experiences, while IBTM Accelerate will feature short presentations of innovative ideas. Following this same theme, networking events will also draw inspiration from the culture of different countries, including their music and cuisine.