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Industrial and Technological Trends at BIEHM

Everything You Need to Know About BIEHM

BIEHM in Bilbao is a gathering where you can explore the latest trends in the industrial and technological sectors. The fair specializes in showcasing machinery, tools, components, and services related to industry and technology.

As the name suggests, BIEHM (Spanish Biennial of Machinery and Tools) takes place every two years in the capital of Vizcaya, one of Spain’s most iconic and emblematic locations, historically known for its industrial tradition and focus on innovation and technology.

Who Attends BIEHM?

The Bilbao BIEHM Fair is tailored exclusively for professionals and companies in the industrial and technological sectors. Therefore, attendance is primarily targeted towards:

Companies and professionals in the industrial sector

Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and other professionals in sectors such as machinery, tools, components, automation, robotics, and related fields..

Companies and professionals in the technological sector

Those involved in innovation and technology applied to industry, including software providers, automation solutions, digitization, data analysis, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other technological advancements relevant to industry.

Students and professionals in the industrial and technological fields

Trainees, students, researchers, and academics interested in staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and job opportunities in the sector.

What Sector Trends Can You Find at BIEHM?

The primary objective of the BIEHM fair is to showcase the latest trends in the industrial and technological sectors, including machinery, tools, related technology, while also fostering knowledge exchange and business opportunities in the industrial sector. 

Visitors can explore a wide range of products and services, including:

Machinery and tools: Cutting machinery, CNC machines, welding machines, hand tools, precision tools, measurement equipment, and more.

Components and accessories: Motors, gears, bearings, fastening elements, transportation systems, and other components necessary for the production and operation of machinery and industrial equipment

Automation and robotics: Industrial robots, automation systems, control and monitoring solutions, and other advances in industrial process automation.

Information and communication technologies: Software solutions, management systems, data analysis, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other information and communication technologies applied to industry.

Services and consultancy: Industry-related services and consultancy, including maintenance, repair, consultancy in industrial processes, training services, logistics, and more.

Interesting Parallel Activities

In addition to the exhibition of machinery, tools, components, and related services, the Bilbao BIEHM Fair typically hosts parallel activities that complement the visitor experience, including:

Conferences and seminars: Featuring industry experts sharing knowledge, trends, and successful case studies in relevant industrial and technological topics.

Live demonstrations: Exhibitors showcase their products and technologies in action, allowing visitors to witness machinery, tools, components, and systems in operation firsthand.

Networking activities: Opportunities for visitors to establish business contacts with other professionals in the industrial and technological sectors, exchange ideas, collaborate, and generate business opportunities.

Special thematic areas: Zones dedicated to demonstrations of new technologies, innovation, professional development, and other specific areas relevant to the industrial sector.

Competitions, awards, and recognitions: Organized to highlight innovative products or technologies and recognize excellence in the industrial sector.

Company visits: Organized visits to industrial and technological companies in the area, allowing visitors to observe their facilities, production processes, and applied technologies up close.

Why attend BIEHM?

BIEHM serves as a meeting point for industry professionals, offering opportunities to:

Establish business contacts

Discover new business opportunities

Stay informed about the latest trends in the industrial and technological sectors

Furthermore, Bilbao’s industrial history and commitment to innovation make the BIEHM Fair an essential event in the national and international industrial and technological landscape.

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