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Salò de l’ensenyament

The Saló de l’Ensenyament stands out as a prominent fair dedicated to education and training in Spain. At this event, students have the opportunity to closely explore all available educational options, ranging from vocational training programs, high school, and university degrees to higher education courses. Additionally, detailed information is provided on postgraduate and master’s studies.

What will you find at Saló de l’Ensenyament?

Orientation Services

Services aimed at facilitating the decision-making process. This assistance encompasses various activities, along with counseling and provision of information, with the aim of developing skills for optimal career decision-making.

EP Workshops: Select Your Studies and Professions. Talks aimed at students and their families, designed to offer visitors a variety of interesting and relevant workshops for their guidance.


Update Capsules: This program, aimed at teachers and professionals in the sector, aims to strengthen the guidance skills of this group towards students. In each session, the complexity of defining a professional life project in today’s context will be explored, as well as the strategies and tools that teachers can use in the classroom to guide students in assuming this challenge. The latest developments in legislation and available resources will also be addressed, providing participants with updated information and practical tools for their work.


Personalized Consultation Services

These services are complementary and are available both during the visit to the fair and before and after its celebration.

Individualized Counseling: This personalized service focuses on addressing visitors’ inquiries, providing support in their decision-making processes in a prompt and well-founded manner. The goal is to address concerns related to the choice of educational pathways, offer detailed information about educational and professional offerings, and provide guidance on changes, deadlines, updates, and relevant specifics.

Self-Consultation Space: A designated area for visitors to make inquiries and obtain the information they need. It stands out as a space dedicated to self-consultation, where users can seek answers to their questions.

Asesoria Salò de l'ensenyament.
Asesoria Salò de l'ensenyament.

Guidance Material

Downloadable resources that students and their families can consult to independently address all their questions.

Your Salon Kitbox: The Saló de l’Ensenyament, in collaboration with D’EP Institut, offers educational institutions a valuable guidance tool called ‘Your Salon Kitbox’. This kit comprises various materials and resources designed to help teaching staff and professionals in the sector plan their participation in the Saló de l’Ensenyament and strengthen their guidance work. These resources are useful both before, during, and after the event, allowing for comprehensive preparation and effective follow-up.

Choosing Adventure Workshop: Educational sessions designed for families with the aim of providing essential skills to appreciate and maximize the Family Kitbox.

Salò de l’Ensenyament Figures


Growing Education Sector

Education goes beyond training institutions; in recent years, the education industry has experienced a notable growth of 30%, increasing from 3,071,131 organizations in 2016 to 4,025,325 in 2021. This increase is mainly attributed to business schools, which have seen a 44% increase in the last 5 years and an astonishing 318% in the last two decades, reaching over 260,195 centers worldwide.

Salò de l'ensenyament interior.

This phenomenon aligns with the 12% growth in primary and secondary schools globally in the last 5 years, doubling in the last two decades. Approximately, two million of these institutions are located in the European continent.

Guided Visits to Stands

This program involves a guided group tour, where students will immerse themselves in the decision-making process and explore the comprehensive educational offerings available to them.

Designed especially for students from educational institutions, who will be accompanied by their tutors, the main goal is to provide them with a guiding experience that allows them to make the most of their visit to the Salon and make informed decisions about their academic trajectory.


Stands Salò de l'ensenyament

During the visit, a guide will accompany the group, pausing at stands that generate the most interest. Different visit itineraries will be planned, tailored to the specific profile of each group.

An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

In summary, if you belong to the education sector, Saló de l’Ensenyament is an event you should not overlook if you want to achieve your marketing objectives:

  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Finding new suppliers
  • Improving your brand image and positioning
  • Knowing the latest sector trends

If you are considering attending and need a stand that makes an “impression” at the event, do not hesitate to contact us and request a non-binding quote. Our team will be happy to assist you.