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Salón Look

The world of personal image and beauty in its purest form – that’s how we would define one of the world’s most significant international trade fairs, organized by IFEMA and named Salón Look. It brings together entrepreneurs and professionals from various fields of aesthetics, such as hairdressers or makeup artists.


What distinguishes this fair from others that also focus on personal image is that its activities and congresses are strictly commercial in nature. This striking fair is dedicated solely to industry professionals, who seize the opportunity to negotiate between companies and exchange knowledge and experiences. It’s clear that these professionals make the most of Salón Look.


Attendees can explore a wide variety of brands, highly experienced professionals, agents, workshops, shows, and conferences. This year, Salón Look will be a vast universe of beauty, aiming to foster present development and future analysis, showcasing trends, consumer behavior, and market insights.

While this year’s event will be held in person, it will be complemented by a robust online platform, enhancing value for exhibitors and providing greater access to international markets. Salón Look 2022 has the clear objective of revitalizing the sector following the pandemic.


Among its most notable activities are the Intercoiful presentation in Spain, which is the Summit of the National Association for Personal Image, the presentation of the Flapping Wings Collective, and finally, the world conference of The Hair MBA, focusing strictly on the art and science of hairdressing. We are also anticipating a roundtable organized by the Business Alliance, which will present its first study on the emotional importance of the beauty and personal image industries. Lastly, the Salón Look community will be showcased in this new edition, and the Salón Look Awards from the previous year in the hairdressing sector will be presented.

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