Trabajador usando la impresora 3D.

Food 4 Future

Technology is increasingly facilitating the journey of food from farm to table, thus the food industry plays a fundamental role in this process. The competitiveness of companies in the food industry is closely linked to their ability to incorporate new technologies. What is Food 4 Future? Food 4 Future World Summit Bilbao is the largest …

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Gafas en una optica.

International Optics Fair

What does ExpoÓptica allows you to discover? The fair will present a renewed concept in this edition, in line with the new market needs, with a 20.5% increase in prestigious national and international brands, as well as innovative content. This content includes the latest advancements in the field of optics, such as optometry and audiology, …

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Entrada al evento IBTM World

IBTM World

What is IBTM World? As of today, we can assert that IBTM World is one of the most highly regarded trade fairs globally within the meetings, conferences, and various events industry. This event aims, in each of its editions, to inspire the events world to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. What does this industry …

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Stand virtual

Virtual Events

Did you know that in response to the current situation prompted by the COVID-19 crisis, over 90% of companies found themselves compelled to conduct their events virtually? Virtual events involve digitally and virtually simulating a physical meeting or event, bringing together diverse individuals communicating through digital channels. These events should not be undervalued alongside physical …

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Empleados practicando un juego de equilibrio.

Team Building

As every individual, every company is a unique entity. It possesses its own personality and values, and its organization aligns with a specific plan and needs. Team collaboration generates synergies and great results. However, to foster this collaboration and strengthen relationships, it is essential to dedicate time to building bonds. This involves forming connections and …

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Ilustracion Inteligencia artificial

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Key benefits that companies obtain by participating in trade shows The use of Artificial Intelligence in business is becoming increasingly common and is necessary for the optimization and evolution of technology. Machines are capable of making decisions independently, without the need for human interaction, with the aim of making processes more efficient and faster. The …

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Pasilllo del Salo de l'ensenyament.

Salò de l’ensenyament

The Saló de l’Ensenyament stands out as a prominent fair dedicated to education and training in Spain. At this event, students have the opportunity to closely explore all available educational options, ranging from vocational training programs, high school, and university degrees to higher education courses. Additionally, detailed information is provided on postgraduate and master’s studies. …

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Stand Feria Euroshop.


WHAT IS EUROSHOP? EuroShop, the world’s trendsetting retail exhibition, prepared 123,799 square meters of net space to host over 94,000 people from over 142 countries. The complex will have 17 rooms where more than 2,292 companies will present their latest innovations and solutions. The event was last held in 2020 and has since been restricted …

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