Entrada al evento IBTM World

IBTM World

What is IBTM World? As of today, we can assert that IBTM World is one of the most highly regarded trade fairs globally within the meetings, conferences, and various events industry. This event aims, in each of its editions, to inspire the events world to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. What does this industry …

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Stand virtual

Virtual Events

Did you know that in response to the current situation prompted by the COVID-19 crisis, over 90% of companies found themselves compelled to conduct their events virtually? Virtual events involve digitally and virtually simulating a physical meeting or event, bringing together diverse individuals communicating through digital channels. These events should not be undervalued alongside physical …

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Stand de HP.

Stand Design Process

Have you ever wondered about the process of designing a trade show booth?   From the initial starting point of creativity to the final construction phase, each step proves to be fundamental in crafting a unique and memorable space. Creative visualization in action   The process commences with conceptualization and sketching, where creativity flows without …

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Stand Feria Euroshop.


WHAT IS EUROSHOP? EuroShop, the world’s trendsetting retail exhibition, prepared 123,799 square meters of net space to host over 94,000 people from over 142 countries. The complex will have 17 rooms where more than 2,292 companies will present their latest innovations and solutions. The event was last held in 2020 and has since been restricted …

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Hombre con un tatuaje

Only Tattoo Barcelona

Did you know the reasons why people get tattoos? There are many reasons why people get tattoos, as each person is different, has their own personality, and therefore, tattoos hold different meanings for each individual. Because of this, there are many diverse reasons why people choose to mark their skin permanently. Some of the most …

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Mujer en una montaña

Expo Sports

What are Outdoor sports? Outdoor sports are activities conducted in open-air environments such as mountains, water, deserts, or snow, thereby involving a close relationship with the natural surroundings. What is required to engage in these sports? Participating in these sports demands a profound understanding of perseverance and survival, as well as the continual presence of …

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Piezas de ropa.


From January 11th to 14th, 2022, Frankfurt will once again host Heimtextil, the premier international trade fair for home textiles, decoration, and contract furnishings. Widely regarded as the leading event in its sector globally, it consistently achieves significant success each year it is held. What is HEIMTEXTIL? Heimtextil serves as a platform where designers, manufacturers, …

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Anillo y collar de perlas.


What significance does a woman attribute to jewelry? Many women enjoy wearing a variety of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. For them, it represents a symbol of femininity. Jewelry becomes a part of a woman’s life from the moment she is born, as mothers often begin to adorn their daughters with small earrings …

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Visitante con un objeto hecho con impresora 3D

Industrial and Technological Trends at BIEHM

Everything You Need to Know About BIEHM BIEHM in Bilbao is a gathering where you can explore the latest trends in the industrial and technological sectors. The fair specializes in showcasing machinery, tools, components, and services related to industry and technology. As the name suggests, BIEHM (Spanish Biennial of Machinery and Tools) takes place every …

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