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Team Building

As every individual, every company is a unique entity. It possesses its own personality and values, and its organization aligns with a specific plan and needs. Team collaboration generates synergies and great results.

However, to foster this collaboration and strengthen relationships, it is essential to dedicate time to building bonds. This involves forming connections and mutual understanding among team members.

To achieve this, organizing tailored team building meetings is an essential strategy. Some key points to achieve successful team building include:

Observing the skills of each team member.
Fostering good relationships among employees.

Promoting communication and team motivation

Identifying leaders within the group.

To implement these points, it is crucial to conduct a group activity where all members participate and are externally observed to understand their behaviors. It is imperative that they work together to solve a “problem” in this case, the activity proposed should be simple but require the participation of each individual.
Personas juntado las manos.
It is advisable to conduct these workshops from time to time for better results. The activities should be entertaining and enjoyable so that team members do not perceive them as forced and can participate more easily.
It is of utmost importance to assess the attitudes of each participant. Analyzing the results, in the case of encountering a negative situation, devising a solution, and implementing possible improvements are essential for the comfort of the entire team.
Among the best activities to promote team building, with effectiveness and satisfaction previously demonstrated by participants and companies that have had the opportunity to participate, are detailed below:
Escape Room: This activity involves locking a group of players in a room following a theme, where participants must solve a series of puzzles and riddles against the clock. There is a wide variety of Escape Room themes; surprise your team with a mysterious story, including fear, or give them an adventure they will never forget, set in a fantasy world to bring back that inner child

GPS Orientation: Using a map of the area, a GPS, a control sheet, and game instructions, participants must survive outdoors in the wilderness. The team that returns to the meeting point in the shortest time possible will be the winner.

Scavenger Hunt: The scavenger hunt involves participants overcoming a series of skill challenges, as well as puzzles that challenge their wit, while completing a set route outdoors.
Nexo Events provides the opportunity to carry out team building activities for your company.
Tell us your objective, and we will take care of finding the suitable activity for your company.